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Torrent Swapper is BitTorrent client with social network features. Download Torrent Swapper for free and share files with other users of this large network


Excellent BitTorrent client with interesting social network functions

September 23, 2009
6 / 10

BitTorrent clients have gained plenty of popularity over the last few years. The same has happened with the social network phenomenon. And if we were to join these two elements together, the resulting application would be Torrent Swapper.

Torrent Swapper is a P2P client that uses the BitTorrent network to allow file sharing with the users of these networks. It's especially interesting to share big files because it allows their distribution at very high speeds.

Main features

This open-source application has the features that we could usually find in a P2P client:

  • Support for the simultaneous download of several files.
  • Limitation of the download or upload speed.
  • Port mapping.
  • Proxy configuration.
  • Support for: pause, stop, queue, resume or delete.

But furthermore, Torrent Swapper includes the following series of social network features:

  • Recommendations to get interesting files.
  • Use your friends' upload capacity to increase your download speed.
  • P2P video streaming.
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